Popular Rug Styles

With so many options on the market, it can feel impossible when it comes to choosing the perfect style area rug for your home. Knowing the difference in the styles of rugs available can drastically help in your decision-making process. The more popular style area rugs are modern, contemporary, traditional and oriental rugs. So how do you know the difference between them, and how do you know which one will look best in your home? 

Modern Area Rugs

Modern area rugs are probably the most popular style of the rug in the market. It features:

  • Solid colors 
  • Geometric patterns 
  • Abstract designs with monochromatic palettes. 

There are faded as well as abstract variations of this style with Persian elements. This style of rug works well in industrial-themed interiors as well as a mid-century modern décor style. The boldness of the rug matches well with the metal and clean lines of industrial and modern décor.

Contemporary Rugs

It features round patterns with bright colors and neutral shades. Contemporary rug patterns tend to be softer than the bold, loud appearance of the modern rug. These rugs also feature stylish patterns such as chevrons and other abstract designs. Contemporary rugs fit well in just about any interior design style if the colors complement the rest of the design of the room.

Traditional Style Area Rugs

Traditional style rugs are the most popular style rug in America. With Persian influences, such as designs that feature flowers, vines, and scrollwork, traditional style rugs are possibly the easiest to identify. These rugs have intricate inner borders filled with designs that make them perfect for centering spaces like the living room or dining room.

Oriental Rugs

Traditionally made in Asian countries, these rugs are hand knotted and made of silk, wool, or cotton materials. While some oriental rugs are machine made, a high-quality oriental rug is made by hand and usually much more durable. Oriental rugs are recognizable by their floral and animal motifs and beautiful color palettes. These rugs are timeless in style – they will never grow old. These rugs match well with Victorian style décor, in farmhouses, or elegant style interiors. The material is very delicate, so it is not a rug that you would have in a home with pets or children. This type of rug takes exceptional care since it is hand-made: you cannot use heat to clean it. You can only use water, but it is always better to have these rugs cleaned by a professional.

Of course, this is not all the styles of area rugs there are on the market, but this is the most popular of them all. Many homeowners search long and hard to find the perfect area rug for their homes, and many of them decide on these styles. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, making them fit comfortably into any room in your home. Is your favorite style rug on this list? What style will you be choosing for your home? To help you on your rug journey, find out more about popular area rug styles from Nourison’s catalog.