Shag rugs were used back in the 60s and 70s, but they are currently making a comeback. Shag rugs are beautiful despite their shaggy nature. They add some style to a room making it warm and inviting. If you are decorating your newly built or renovated home and wondering what you are missing, there you have it. Buy a shag rug and transform your living space magically.



When speaking of shag rugs, most people think of the dull colors like avocado green and burnt orange that existed before. However, shag rugs today come in a variety of beautiful and attractive colors such as red and white. You can use shag rugs in different rooms to create the desired effect.



Here are some suggestions about how you can decorate with shag rugs:


Sitting Area

If you have a large room, you can divide it using a mid-sized round or hexagonal shag area rug. You can then add a few chairs and a table and just like that; you have a beautiful conversation area. Choose a shag rug with lighter shades and subdued tones. A well-chosen shag rug can set the sitting area apart from the rest of the space. What you need to ensure is that the front legs of the chairs stand on the rug.



A Shag Rug Beneath Furniture

Another good way in which you can utilize your shag rug is by placing it beneath your furniture. Putting a shag rug below the coffee table makes it an attractive feature in the living room. The rule for this placement is buying a shag rug that is big enough to accommodate all the legs of the coffee table.

If the rug is large enough, you can extend it to go a few inches under the sofa. The rule here is to have the front legs of the sofa touching on the rug.



It is evident that the above placements are playing about with size. The best way to get the right size of the area rug is to take the exact measurements of the living room space. The shag rug should not be so big that it covers the entire living room floor. You should leave a few inches from the wall all-around the rug’s margin.



Placing A Shag Rug In The Dining Room

The rules for putting a shag rug in the dining room are pretty much the same as those of the living area or under furniture. The dining room consists of the dining tables and chairs. The shag rug should go under the dining table. It should also be big enough to accommodate the front legs of the dining chairs. Your China cabinets and serving tables should also have some space on your shag rug.



Using shag rugs is not complicated. Almost all the rules that apply to other types of area rugs also apply to the shag rug. As you decorate your house, buy one or two shag rugs, and you will maximize the real beauty of your space.


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